Salamander for Apple School Manager

The Salamander for Apple School Manager Utility is a Windows Application designed to collect data from school MIS/SIS systems, process it into CSVs suitable for use with the Apple School Manager service and send those files to the Apple School Manager service for processing.

Utility Information


Support for the most popular MIS / SIS systems

Easily configure the export of information to the correct format for Apple School Manager

Easily connect with and send data to the Apple STFP servers

Utility detail

Current Version
Version Date 13th June 2023
Release Notes Update to support change in Arbor API Access
Supported MIS/SIS Systems This version supports the following MIS/SIS systems:

Facility CMIS
Engage by DoubleFirst
RM Integris
IRIS Ed:gen

Current Release Notes v1.9.2.0

Fixed issue with Arbor Registration group memberships

Previous Release Notes v1.9.1.0 adds the following:

Update to support change in Arbor API Access

v1.9.0.0 adds the following:

Support for IRIS Ed:gen

v1.8.0.0 adds the following:

Ability to prefix IDs for Teachers and Pupils
The utility now has options to add prefixes to the IDs used when generating Teacher and Pupil records.

This allows for systems such as Arbor where the same IDs are used in both Pupil and Teacher records which can cause conflict in ASM.

v1.7.0.0 adds the following:

Updating using TLS 1.2
The utility update process now uses TLS 1.2

Fix for an issue where some sites are not able to get Class pupils from Sims
A small number of sites had issues retrieving class pupil data from Sims. These updates address those issues.

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