Read data from CIPHR with the HR Systems Integration Add-on for Salamander Integration Suite


CIPHR’s cloud-based human resources (HR) software helps organisations stay connected and work efficiently when they need to most – even when operating remotely.

New for 2022, CIPHR is now supported by the Salamander Integration Suite Add-on for HR Systems

Key features

In either a single site, or a multi academy trust environment it is important to ensure that staff are centrally managed in your Access People solution, but provisioned into the appropriate MIS system for their school. Our HR add-on will allow Salamander Integration Suite customers to do just that.

The following data can be provisioned from CIPHR into Sims:

  • Forename (Legal and Preferred)
  • Surname (Legal and Preferred)
  • Gender
  • Employment Dates
  • Date of Birth
  • Title (Salutation)
  • Job Title
  • Email Address
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