Teacher creation of Teams managed by SDS

25 May, 2020

Teacher creation of Teams managed by SDS

Following the recent changes announced by Microsoft relating to how Teams integrates with School Data Sync (SDS) Class Teams are no longer automatically created by SDS and will need to be created separately.

Update: Microsoft is re-enabling the automatic creating of Teams by SDS. https://educationblog.microsoft.com/en-us/2020/07/25-updates-for-microsoft-teams-for-education-for-back-to-school-july-2020/#3

Although it is possible to do this for all Teams in bulk via other means, it is recommended that this is done by the Teachers who plan to use the groups created by SDS.

In order for a Teacher to create a Team for their groups that are managed by SDS, they should initially visit teams.microsoft.com where they will be able to either see a list of Teams they are currently owners or members of, or they will see a blank page with an option to ‘Create a Team’. If the teacher is already a member of other Teams, the option to ‘Create a Team’ will be in the top right-hand corner of the screen.


After selecting ‘Create a Team’, four Team types are available to select. In this instance, we will be creating a Class Team, which provides the Homework and Class Notebook features.

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The following window requires the Team name to be entered – we recommend the class name that relates to the data in your MIS, but this can be anything you like.

Complete the naming of the Team and choose the option to Create a team using a group set up by you or [schoolname]

The teacher will then be presented with a list of pre-populated groups of which they are listed as a teacher – once the relevant group has been selected and ‘Choose Group’ clicked, the Team will be created. At this point, although the Team is created no students can see it – the teacher will be able to add resources, homework etc and then select ‘Activate’ at the top of the screen which will enrol the students to the Team.

That’s it! Once the above steps have been followed the Team has been created and students enrolled based on the class data synchronised from your MIS via SDS. Memberships of those Teams will update based on the data being sent up to SDS.

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