What’s new for Microsoft 365 for schools in January 2023?

31 January, 2023

What’s new for Microsoft 365 for schools in January 2023?

Welcome to your guide to what's new in Microsoft 365 for Education. This blog looks at some of the updates to Microsoft Forms, Teams, Polls and Assignments Insights. 

Welcome to your guide to what’s new in Microsoft 365 for schools. This blog looks at some of the updates to Microsoft Forms, Teams, Polls and Assignments Insights. 

Microsoft 365 is a popular tool for many customers, so we wanted to create a regular roundup of the most useful new updates for teachers and educators.  

More options for Microsoft Forms.  

Microsoft Forms is an excellent tool for creating quizzes for your lessons or for assigning as homework.   

Some new features have been added to enhance the student experience in forms  

Teachers can now add images for multiple choice questions and create an engaging and eye-catching cover page for their surveys and quizzes. 

Updates to Microsoft Teams Polls.  

Polls in Microsoft Teams meetings are handy for engaging a virtual class and getting a quick show of hands in meetings with colleagues and other staff members.   

Microsoft has added a few new features to polls, including the ability to ask multiple questions in a poll and include images in their polls.    

Insights for Rubrics.   

Rubrics information is now available on the Assignments Insights tab in Class Teams. Teachers can track the rubric results for an entire class or look at a student’s results across multiple assignments.  

The visualisations help educators quickly identify pain points and adjust teaching and future assignments to meet those specific needs.  

Image source: Microsoft Education

Parent meeting scheduling.   

Teachers can easily set up virtual Parent/Teacher meetings within the Parent App, which makes it a lot easier for schools to engage with parents and guardians more frequently and at a time that suits everyone.   

Plus, you can view parent contact details on the Teams mobile app.  

Schools and trusts using the Salamander Integration Suite benefit from automated user account management, which pulls data from your MIS to create, manage and update pupil and parent accounts.   

Image source: Microsoft Education

Core Teams has had an update.   

There have been several updates to Microsoft Teams, making chatting and collaborating with colleagues and students even more effortless.   

You can now:  

  • Schedule chat messages to be sent at a later time/date.   
  • Add a person to the chat by typing @ followed by the person’s name.   
  • Delete chat conversations you no longer need without impacting others in the same chat.   
  • Access a full library of emojis for messages and reacting to messages.   

Our Salamander Integration Suite helps schools manage user accounts in Microsoft 365 for Education effortlessly, giving teachers and students access to everything they need to teach and learn. Talk to a member of our team today to find out how we can support your school or trust. 

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