House Point solution for Facility CMIS

1 October, 2018

House Point solution for Facility CMIS

One of my customers asked if I could help him with displaying House Points in SharePoint. The school had already decided that they wanted a House Point system, in the network managers words, like Harry Potter, and the network manager had figured out a way of assigning them by modifying the behaviour events in CMIS to have positive or negative points. What he needed from me was a query to retrieve the total points for the Houses from CMIS to display in a chart on their smart boards and also in SharePoint and then once that was done some more detailed information for the logged in pupil.

Creating the query was a case of figuring out the database structure. As all the events are configurable, it was a little tricky, but once I’d got my head round it, it was straight-forward enough. That took care of their smart boards as they came with built in charting facilities. For SharePoint, I could have created a charting web part, but I had a bit of a look round first, and came up with Bamboo solutions Chart Web Part. This had the advantage of already working, multiple chart formats and the school could re-use it if they had any other charting requirements. The only tricky bit with the Bamboo web part is that the school wanted each column as a different colour so I had to turn the result into a pivot table which is not the easiest in SQL Server.

That was the charts sorted, now we wanted to display for a pupil when they are logged in:
1.  The pupil’s house
2.  A summary of their points: total, total positive and total negative
3.  The details of each event together with the points scored.
4.  A summary of the points for all the houses: again total, total positive and total negative

To enable this I created the Data Viewer web part I talked about in my last post. This enabled me to display the above information just by writing a new query, which was simple as I already understood the database structure and the pupil’s ID was already stored in Active Directory.
Result was a site showing all the House Point information requested. It looks good and hopefully will inspire the pupils to make a success of the House system.

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