SharePoint Web Parts

SalamanderSoft has developed a range of web parts to enhance the functionality of SharePoint.

My Documents & My Shared Documents

The My Documents web part gives access to the user's home folder as though it was a document library in SharePoint. Your users will now be able to access their documents stored in their home folder wherever they are in the world. The My Shared Documents web part gives users access to file share as though they were document libraries in SharePoint. More Details ....

SLK Gradebook

The SLK Gradebook provides the most requested missing piece of functionality in the move from Class Server to SLK, the ability to show the results as a gradebook. You can view:

More Details ....

Salamander Data Viewer

The Salamander Data Viewer Web Part allows you to display the results of a SQL query in a grid in SharePoint. It's much simpler than using SharePoint Designer and allows parameterised queries based on Active Directory attributes and MOSS filter webparts.

Salamander Recent Surveys

The Salamander Recent Surveys Web Part displays surveys from another site in date order. It can limit the number of surveys to display by date and maximum number to display.

Salamander List View

The Salamander List View Web Part displays lists, document libraries and calendars from other sites either in the same site collection or in another site collection.

Salamander Redirect

The Salamander Redirect Web Part redirects users based on the OU they are in within Active Directory.

Salamander My Sites

Free. Available now. The Salamander My Sites web part is a replacement for the MLG My Sites/Classes web part which solves memory leaks and increases performance. One school has reported page load times decreasing from 20 seconds to 5 seconds. SalamanderSoft has made this web part available free to the community. More Details ....

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