SharePoint & SharePoint Learning Kit (SLK)

The Salamander SharePoint enables the automatic maintenance of SharePoint sites based on a central data source. It can automatically create and update sites based on the data in the source and assign permissions to users. The canonical example within schools is to maintain their Learning Gateway. Salamander can automatically extract class information from your school management system, create sites for all your classes and assign the correct pupils and teachers to them. Ensure that your SharePoint installation is automatically kept synchronised with Sims, Facility CMIS or other MIS system.

Salamander SharePoint Learning Kit (SLK) does everything that Salamander SharePoint does as well as SLK specific features.

For a discussion of how you can organise your class sites please see How to organise class sites in Microsoft Learning Gateway.

For a discussion of year end rollover please see How to Handle Rollover with SharePoint Learning Kit.

For a more detailed discussion of how Salamander can help turn your SharePoint into a Virtual Learning Environment see How Salamander SharePoint helps to turn SharePoint into a Virtual Learning Environment.


Fully automatic maintenance of your SharePoint site collection
Once Salamander is set up you will no longer need to manually create and update sites and memberships, saving a huge amount of time during the year. It will run throughout the year handling new arrivals and leavers without you having to get involved manually.
No more requests by school administration staff and pupils to update the site collection
As the school administrative staff update the school management system, the changes will be automatically reflected within your site collection. Your SharePoint will be up to date and reflecting the school management system with no further effort on your part.
Fully configurable to your needs
Every aspect of how Salamander updates SharePoint can be configured to exactly how you want it. You do not need modify your site collection to fit in with it.
Classes and memberships always up to date without any effort
All your classes will automatically be present with the correct pupils and staff as members with the correct permissions. As the changes are made in the school administration system, they will be reflected in SharePoint. This will save huge amounts of time during the year as the classes change.
An easier start to the year
In September or before if they are already in the school administration system, all the new classes will be added to SharePoint, together with their pupils and teachers. Learning can start without you having to do any work setting up the new classes.


Configured on your rules
Salamander SharePoint can be used with any SharePoint setup. You can have your SharePoint configured exactly how you want it.
Site creation and updating
Sites are automatically created and updated using the template of your choice. Where they are created and the structure is entirely up to you. There are many possibilities ranging from a site per class, to a site per subject. In all cases the appropriate pupils and teachers will be assigned the permissions you want.
Extract from multiple data sources
Salamander can extract data from many different data sources. This includes all the main UK MIS systems (Sims, Facility CMIS, Integris, Phoenix Gold), any standard database, CSV files and XML files. The file option is particularly handy for temporary users who will not be entered into your MIS system, simply put their data in a file and they will be set up exactly the same as all your other users with no further effort.
User permissions
Users, pupils and staff are automatically given the correct permissions for the class sites. Permissions can also be set on arbitrary sites. For example pupils may get read permissions to the class site and a general library site.
Versioning of document lists
Document lists can be can have versioning turned on or off, with all the possible options assigned.
Permissions on document lists
Document lists can have their permissions set automatically based on your school set up. For example on the class sites, pupils may only have Read access to the site as a whole, but Contribute to a specific discussion list.
Activate Site Features
Features can be activated on a site.
Creation and updating of SharePoint groups
SharePoint groups, such as the members of a class, can be automatically created with permissions on appropriate sites and their membership kept up to date. You can also set the owner of the group and who is able to view the members.
Sophisticated searching to find users in Active Directory
Salamander has a sophisticated searching engine to find users wherever they are in your Active Directory set up.
Configure User's Display Names in SharePoint
When enabling or updating Active Directory users in SharePoint you can set different display names in SharePoint to those in Active Directory. Useful if you want teachers to be known by their title (Mr/Mrs/Miss/Dr etc) rather than their Forename.
SLK User Web List
The sites can be added to a teacher's user web list in SLK. This is the list of sites to assign pieces of work to.
Salamander can be set up to only process a subset of your classes, pupils and staff. This is ideal for initial testing. In addition, the set to use can be set in the future to get ready for the next academic year in advance.
Automated Process
Salamander is a fully automated process meaning that once installed you will not need to enter your new arrivals again.
Manual integration
Salamander SharePoint can be run manually whenever you need to.
Configurable scheduling
Schedule the integration as often or a little as you like, at times which suits your network.
Full reporting
Salamander logs every action it takes. It can be configured to save log files exactly where you want them and can even email logs to you. The logging is built on top of the popular log4net logging framework allowing you to extend the logging to other areas as well.

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