Salamander Online Reporting

Salamander Online Reporting are a set of web parts for SharePoint which expose your MIS data within SharePoint.

The web parts allow your students, staff and parents access to key information from within SharePoint. They currently support Sims and Facility CMIS, but we are also looking for interest in other MIS's.

The web parts are all fully customisable, to show exactly what you want and how you want, with the screen-shots below show the basic configuration.

We will be blogging more details on them at Online Reporting.

Web parts in the product include:

My Details
The details of students, staff or parents.
My Timetable
The timetable of a student or staff member.
My Classes
The classes of a student or staff member. Can be linked to subject or class sites.
My Reports
The reports for a student. Downloadable in pdf format.
Lesson Attendance
Shows a student's session attendance.
My Attendance
Shows a student's session attendance.
Attendance Summary
Shows a statistical overview of a student's session attendance.
Allows searching and viewing information for staff and students.
My Achievements
A student's achievements.
My Behaviour
A student's behaviour.
A student's detentions.
My House Points
A student's house points.
My Contacts
Contact information for a student.
My Enrolment History
Enrolment history for a student.

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