Google Apps for Education

Google Apps for Education as part of Salamander Active Directory

Whether your school already uses Google Apps for Education or you’re thinking about using them, managing them is included as part of the Salamander Active Directory product. Access and groups are based on the way your management system is set-up and how your school uses, or wants to use, Google Apps, from email to whole-school online learning. The set-up is completely flexible and we work closely with you to understand your needs.
Visit our Salamander Active Directory page to read more about the benefits and features.

How can Salamander support your use of Google Apps for Education?

  • Direct links with your management system ensure Google Apps for Education is always up-to-date with the correct users, groups and permissions. This can be in conjunction with Google Active Directory Sync (GADS) or entirely by Salamander.
  • Choose to set user or group properties in Google, even those not supported by GADS, such as who can view group members.
  • Complete mail and other attributes required for Google Active Directory Sync. Giving users immediate access to their mailbox as soon as their Active Directory account is created and GADS has run.
  • Import user photographs into Google Apps for Education.
  • Reflect any calendar from the management system into Google Calendars and combine calendars such as teacher timetables with cover and pupil timetables with exam times.
  • Add events to a main calendar or into a calendar defined by you.
  • Configurable event information, for example for teachers, events display as the name of the teaching group and pupils see the subject name.
  • Automatically create and maintain your Google Classrooms directly from your management system. If you’re not ready for full-school roll-out, we can start with a subset of the school.
  • Create individual class sites based on the information from your management system.
  • Works with Capita SIMS, RM Integris, Progresso, Facility CMIS, iSAMS, WCBS Pass & 3 Sys, Bromcom, Arbor and all other management information systems.

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