SalamanderSoft Limited

SalamanderSoft is a small dynamic company dedicated to providing products and solutions to the Education sector. We provide products which automatically synchronise your MIS system (Sims, Facility CMIS etc) with your network and other systems, and also provide a number of web parts. For more information about any of our products please email

What's new?

Added information about our Online Reporting Web Parts. Access your Sims and Facility CMIS information through SharePoint.

Utilities page now includes one to list all reports in Sims and one to check email addresses.

New web part My Shared Documents. This is similar to My Documents web part, but exposes file shares through SharePoint.

New web part Redirect to automatically redirect users to other pages.

I'm now project co-ordinator for the SharePoint Learning Kit and Microsoft Learning Gateway projects.

Integration Products

The Salamander integration products allow schools to automatically keep your network and systems synchronised and up to date. Salamander allows you to extract information from central systems such as your school MIS system (Sims, Facility CMIS etc), databases, csv files or xml files and use it to update the other systems at your school.

Salamander Active Directory
Available Now. Salamander Active Directory ensures that your Active Directory is synchronised with your administration system i.e. all your pupils, staff and groups are kept up to date in Active Directory. Exchange 2003, 2007, 2010, & Lync and home folder integration are included. More information...
Salamander SharePoint
Available Now. Salamander SharePoint automatically provisions SharePoint so that the SharePoint Learning Kit (SLK) can be used to its best advantage. It synchronises SharePoint with your school MIS system so that your teachers can use SLK to assign work to their pupils. It can synchronise SharePoint with your central data source such as Sims, so that sites are automatically created and kept up-to-date with the correct permissions for users. More information...

Web Parts

The following web parts are currently available.

Salamander Online Reporting
A set of online reporting web parts to expose your MIS information through SharePoint.
My Documents
Access your home folder from anywhere in the world.
My Shared Documents
Access your file shared from anywhere in the world.
Salamander Data Viewer
Show the results of a SQL query in a grid.
Salamander Recent Surveys
Show recently added surveys.
Salamander Redirect
Automatically redirect users to other pages.
SLK Gradebook
Access the grades in SLK in a convenient manner.
My Sites
Show all sites under a parent the user has access to.

For more information visit the web parts page.

Salamander for Hosts

In addition to our school level tools, Salamander for Hosts allows hosted solutions, such as a centrally provided VLE, to automatically synchronise their schools' data into their solution. Data is securely transferred to the hosting provider and then integrated with their systems. Any of the school level products can be integrated with immediately and other systems can be easily added.

For more information please email